Theory and Practice

Traveling, Traveling

We did some visiting with friends this weekend. First up, when went out to see Kirk, Laurel, and Jefferson. Zoe was, as usual, very good in the car. She’s such a little darling. I even managed to get a a rare non-frowning picture out of her! She’s so serious-looking all the time, and it’s hard to grab an image where she doesn’t look like she’s trying to compute the 300th digit of pi! :)

Zoe smiling in the car

We had great visit with K+L+J. Jefferson is very solid; he’s growing fast. He was also a little shy at first, but after a while he settled down and let me grab some pictures.


On Sunday night, the three of us took another trip, this time to have dinner with Will and Julie and their daughter, Sophie. Sophie is a fun one. She doesn’t really say much yet, but runs around like a jackrabbit! I can’t wait to see what Zoe’s like at the year+ mark: I just hope she’s as sweet as Sophie. We are very lucky that so many of our close friends have had children at the same time. I think the Jefferson, Sophie, and Zoe are going to be good friends.