Theory and Practice

The Modern Working Mother (and Baby)

Karen is doing some freelance work for our old company. She needed to spend some quality time with her MacBook. I’m working at home today, but I couldn’t watch Zoe right then. What to do?

Karen, Zoe and the Ergo carrier Wear the baby, of course!

I love the Ergo. I carried Zoe around for a couple of ours at the beach the other day (more on that in the next post) and I never got tired. It’s really something to be able to strap this thing on, front or back, and get on with the day while keeping the munchkin close by.

Karen was able to get some work done and Zoe was happy to be hanging close to momma.

Working mom

As an aside, I’m really glad proud of Karen. She’s doing a great job being a mom. It is very hard to stay home with the kid all day long, even is she is the sweetest thing. Zoe is cute but she’s short on adult conversation and she has a lot of demands. Karen has sacrificed up a lot to be “momma” all the time: adult interaction, the ability to get her own stuff done, and loss of identity to a role.

I don’t think that having a child has had nearly as much impact on my day-to-day life as it has on Karen; it couldn’t. I can take care of Zoe, bathe her, change the diapers, feed her, and read her books, but I’m not mom and there are times when that’s all that will do. That’s a lot of responsibility and Karen is handling it like a pro.