Theory and Practice

Fast Progress

Zoe is changing so quickly and growing up so fast these days you can almost see it happening in real-time. Last Friday, she could barely sit up on her own; today, she’s not only able to sit up without support for 10 or 15 minutes, she’s able to pull herself upright (with a little help).

Zoe and sitting with the boppy

It’s amazing to watch her straining as she lays on her gym mat, working her baby-abs to lift her head. It’s just a matter of days (maybe hours) before she sits up on her own.

Zoe sitting with the Boppy

The Boppy is there to prevent another bonking incident; Zoe is doing all of the sitting work on her own. On other thing: this kiddo loves the camera. She can’t look away! What are you looking at?