Theory and Practice

New Job, Day 1

I started my new job today.

Wait, did I mention that I was getting a new job? Well, I am, er, did. And I started today.

I’m looking forward to the change; I was at the old job for a long time and I probably should have left a couple of years ago. I adored most of the people I worked with and that kept me going long after the bloom was gone, gone, gone.

And now I find myself starting a new job for the first time in years. And I like it. The pace is going to be much faster and I’m hoping that the challenges will be just that, challenging. They’ve thrown me into two projects already. Trial by fire! Learn by doing! Tally-ho, what! This should be fun. ;-)

And besides that, my commute just transmogrified itself into a 10 minute walk. Nice, eh?