Theory and Practice

Birthday Girl

Birthday Balloon

Note: I originally wrote this post three months ago. I’m ashamed that I never put it up; I’ve let my work like get in the way of my real life. Anyhow, the time warp thing I mentioned below is still happening. Just hours after I wrote this, Z started walking on her own. And yet that already seems like the distant past. All the more reason to chronicle as much as I can.

Blowing out the candle

Z turned 1 yesterday. A whole year has passed already and that just doesn’t seem possible.┬áBeing a parent to a young child does some weird things to your sense of time.

Unwrapping a gift

It seems like no time since Z was a minutes-old infant on the warming table in the hospital and now. And yet it also seems like forever, like the longest year of my life. And both states are true.


It is almost as if I’m living in some weird quantum experiment.

More wrapping fun

Grandma Mary Ann, Aunt Andrea and Cousion Saiorse were on hand for the fun, as was my buddy Stewart. It was a hot day and a good time was had by all. Especially the munchkins, who stripped down to bloomers for coolness and maximum cake spread!


Thanks, Stewart!