Theory and Practice

Spring Has Sprung at Last

Yesterday I pulled out my old Raleigh, hitched up the Burley trailer for Miss Z, plopped her in and biked down to the recycling center to drop off our compost. All because the weather has finally gotten warm enough to cut down a layer (bye-bye, wool sweater!).

This was a big deal for a couple of reasons. One, I actually got on my bike. This is not something that I’ve been doing a lot of the past couple of years, but I plan to change that because I really like riding. And for the amount of stuff that we do around town, it’s crazy to break out the car.

Two, this was Z’s first time in the Burley. I think she liked it well enough. She sure didn’t mind napping in it.

Three, this was a trip to drop off the compost. Cambridge has a new community composting program and I’m really into it. I’ve wanted to compost for a while, but our postage stamp yard isn’t the best place to do that. At least not yet. So I love that we can participate at the civic level. Sooo cool!