Theory and Practice

A Sweet Time in the Fields

We’ve gone strawberry picking for the second week in a row. And I don’t think I’ve ever had such sweet, perfect little red delicacies as these!

Miss Z really seemed to enjoy getting out in the fields. She’s showing signs of having a real scientific mind already. She loves to observe and watch. I know that all kids do this and that it’s part of learning about the world, but I can already see that Z has the temperament. We found some little slugs, a millipede and other little crawlers, and she loved looking at them all.

We’ve been trying eat more local food and PYO. K and Z have been hitting farmer’s markets, we’ve begun buying meat from local farms, we split a CSA share with some friends and we’re talking about how to grow some stuff in the back postage stamp. I have to say that eating all this fresh stuff has been absolutely awesome. The flavors are just that much better. And there’s no denying the virtue one feels in eating “real” food.

BTW: Grandpa Jack was looking at some pictures of Z and he noticed that she was squinting. He got worried that she’s having some sort of vision issue. Nope: that’s just the way she smiles. :) Z’s vision seems to be as sharp as a tack. Of course, if my own eyes are any guide, that won’t last forever.