Theory and Practice

Two Years

Today is birthday two for the kiddo.

It’s hard for me to process how much has happened in the last two years. We went from having a helpless baby to having a charming, intelligent, loud little person. And I am not entirely sure how it happened.

The weird sense of “parent time” has not faded. Two years is simultaneously a long time and no time at all. In some sense, watching the kiddo grow has been like watching a time-lapse recording. Everything moves really quickly, blurring by faster than the eye can follow. And yet you can feel that it’s really at lot of time compressed, sped up for dramatic effect.

I don’t know what the next year holds for our little family but it is certain to be interesting.


The kiddo got some nice gifts from friends and family (thanks, y’all!). And we also added three l’il turquoise guppies to the family roster. Unfortunately, “jer” (the kiddo named them: the other two as “jer-do” and “jer-dick”) didn’t last 24 hours. I have my suspicions about how it might have happened (I’m looking at you, jer-dick), but I can’t prove anything. Guppies are crafty like that.