Theory and Practice

A Rant About Someone Out There

Somewhere out in the world, the masshole who struck and damaged our innocently parked Forester is merrily going along. Despite the fact that their transport is now undoubtedly marked with flecks of gray paint, plastic, tire rubber and bits of sheet steel from the rear quarter of our beloved people-mover, this “person” couldn’t be bothered to stop and at least leave a note. All we got from them was:

  • A ruined tire
  • A crushed fender
  • A SIX HOUR LONG wait to be towed
  • A chance to pay our insurance deductible! Yippee!
  • A completely ruined day

It just amazes me awful people can be. Based on the damage, there is absolutely zero chance that whoever did this did not realize what happened. It would have taken an impact with some pretty good force to do this. So either this “human being” was scared and took off or they maliciously choose to ignore what they’d done. Either way, they fled and let us holding the bag.

So thanks, whoever you are, for your kind service. And I sincerely hope that someone out there will return the favor.