Theory and Practice

Home After the Holiday

We had a really nice Christmas weekend at mom’s, but after a rather tiring drive. We’re home again and I’m wiped out. It’s going to be nice to sleep on our own wonderful mattress again.

Zoe did pretty well on the ride once again. Despite over six hours in the car, she didn’t cry more than a few minutes when the pumped milk ran out. I can only hope that she’s this good when we start flying in a few months.

This was a bonanza Christmas for Zoe. Both family and friend were very generous and she got some great stuff, including some nice clothes, infant toys, and a really nice quilt. It’s sort of weird to have such a young child at our family Christmas again. But it was nice, too.

Well, that’s it for now. I’m going to finish listening to the book on “tape” we’ve been listening to as I fall asleep.

Happy holidays.