Theory and Practice

A Big Night

Zoe slept in her crib all night yesterday. This is the first time she hasn’t slept in the room with us since we brought her home from the hospital.

Arms stretched wide

It was a little strange not having her in the room, but the cats were happy. Both Tennessee and Poe slept behind my legs last night. I think they were ecstatic to be back in the bed with their peeps.

Crib at night

Sleeping in the crib will be better for Zoe; she was getting a bit large for the Bugaboo bassinet. We’ve been thinking the she needed to move up to something she can actually stretch out in. But to be honest, I know that I really liked having her near. I’m sure Karen felt the same. But Zoe slept well last night, putting in her typical all-night slumber.

Sleeping Zoe

Our little girl is growing up.