Theory and Practice

The Baby in the Bubble

Zoe’s been sleeping in her crib at night for a fews days now and that means that we can stop using our Bugaboo bassinet at night . We had our four-month checkup with the pediatrician on Friday and got the OK to switch to the stroller, so today I disassembled the bassinet and put in the stroller seat. We plopped Zoe in, threw on the rain cover and her new snowsuit (thanks, Uncle James!) and headed out into the snow.

Zoe and Karen out in the snow

The snow was coming down pretty good. This is the first snow we’ve had this year; it’s not really all that much, maybe a half inch, but it’s nice too see it. Of course, when we get a two foot snow storm later in the season, I’ll be cursing this stuff.

In the park with the Bugaboo

We’re really fortunate to live right next to a big park.  It’s got playgrounds, ball fields, and a huge sledding hill that we’re definitely going to take advantage of next year.

The baby in the bubble

Zoe was pretty much bundled up in her suit. The “bubble” of the rain cover kept her nice and dry, but she didn’t exactly look happy about it. Of course, she was also on the edge of napping, so it could just be that. She seemed to watch the big flakes coming down for a while, but it’s hard to know what she made of it. At this point, everything is new and surprising. Snowscape

As you can see, it really was pretty out there. I love walking in the snow.

Zoe and Karen with the Bugaboo

The Bugaboo is pretty cool. Zoe can ride facing frontwards or backwards. This is truly the stroller of royalty. ;-)