Theory and Practice

Farewell 2006

2006 was a pretty good year. Karen and I celebrated the first anniversary of our marriage and the tenth anniversary of our relationship. More importantly, we became parents this year, with the birth of our daughter Zoe.

Zoe's first picture ever

This is the first picture I ever took of Zoe. I can’t believe how much she’s changed in the past four months. And we still have so far to go. I don’t think I can really express how how happy I am as a husband and father. My life has had it’s ups and downs, but this is the highest I have ever been. I love my family so much; I don’t think I could ever have conceived of being lucky enough to have such great people to spend my life with. As 2006 fades into the past, I wonder what 2007 will be like. If it’s even half as good as this year, it’ll be spectacular.

Best wishes to all for a healthy and happy 2007.