Theory and Practice

Time Slips By

It’s been two weeks since I last posted; life has been hectic of late. I’ve had way too much work to do and I’ve just been too exhausted to put anything up. I’m also need to get a new system in place for gathering photos. Perhaps it’s time to by a MacBook and Aperture? :)

It’s hard to believe that I’m going to be 35 in a short while. On the one hand, my life is not what I imagined it would to be at 17: after all this is the 21st century and still no jetpacks, rayguns, or flying cars (at least not affordable ones). On the other hand, I’ve come farther than I ever imagined possible. I have a wonderful family and great friends. Whenever I stop to think about it, I am bowled over by how lucky I’ve been in my life.

It’s also weird to think that I’m further from 18 than I am from 50. Time is a funny thing.