Theory and Practice

You Want Me to Stick What Where?

The kiddo has been eating (I use the term loosely) solid food for a few days now. K started her out on some rice cereal and breast milk, which looked as good as it sounds and from what we’ve been told tastes that way, too.

But recently Z has switched to the good ole yam*. And she’s joined us at the table!

Sitting down to eat

This is momentous for two reasons. 1. Z was in her nifty high chair, a Tripp Trapp and 2. we ate at the table. We never eat at the table. But with the bambina, we’re trying to do the “right thing”, so eating on the couch is gonna have to go.

Hey, where's mine?

Z seemed to get into the sweet potato. I think most of what went in her mouth actually made it to her stomach.

Four hands, one spoon

The baby girl doesn’t really know what to do with the spoon, and sometimes the fingers get in the mouth, too.


Overall, I think we all had a good time. Momma and me got steak, Z got some mushy brown stuff and went after it like she hadn’t had real food in mouths. Oh, wait…

  • Yes, I know sweet potato is NOT yam. Yam is a huge tuber from Africa, sweet potato is a cute little American original.