Theory and Practice

It's So Close I Can Touch It

Just a few more days to our big Summer vacation. We’re renting on Cape Cod again this year along with some other friends with toddlers. And I am more than ready to be there.

It’s not that I’ve been working harder than normal or anything, but lately I have really been feeling the need to change up the balance of work/life/play/creativity. K and I have been talking about the sorts of things we might do to make our lives more like we want them to be. Maybe moving somewhere new, or a change of jobs, or just taking up a new hobby. Nothing concrete has yet materialized from this and we still barely have the energy to wash the dishes.

Of course, don’t get me wrong. The luxury to think about my life in terms of what I want to do is an amazing gift. The majority of humanity never gets that chance to live as easy and free as I do daily.

Of course, I started this post talking about our vacation. And it’s going to be fun. I love Cape Cod and heading out there time and again has been one of the great bonuses of my now 13 years relationship with my wife. And the fact that we’re going to be there with other families, friends that I adore and cherish, makes the experience that much better. And now that Z and the other kids are entering the age when playing together is so productive and amusing for them and us the anticipation I feel for the coming downtime is even greater.

Happy summer!