Theory and Practice

Apple Device Relative Screen Sizes

I’ve been thinking about updating may little MacBook for a while now. My wife added a MacBook Pro along with MacBook and I’ve moved to a 13” Pro at work. My old iMac G5 is bound for other pastures as soon as I can get up the oomph to post it on craigslist.

I’ve been trying to decide what my next Mac should be and one of the big considerations is screen size. I’ve been feeling like the MacBook’s 1280 × 800 screen is just a bit too tight for my current day-to-day. I was curious about the relative sizes of other Apple devices, so I threw together this graphic to give myself a visual reference to the relative size differences between the various MacBooks, iMacs, and Cinema Displays. I then decided to throw in the portrait-aspect dimensions of the iPhone and iPad just for kicks.

A diagram showing the relative screen dimensions of devices produced by Apple.

The full size diagram is 1:2.5 scale, since I didn’t see any need to scale it up to 1:1 on my tiny screen.

Hopefully someone out there will find this useful.