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My new denim iPad sleeve

We took a trip to D.C. in 2010, just a couple of days after I received my iPad. Of course, I didn’t want to be parted from my shiny new toy, but I hadn’t purchased anything to carry it in. So, the night before we flew out, I whipped up a simple sleeve using some craft foam left over scuba costume I’d built for the tyke the previous Halloween. Orange and black, machine stitched and suitably sturdy, I was pretty proud of my custom sleeve.

Unfortunately, after daily wear and tear over the past year, the craft foam was starting to break down a bit. Frankly, I’m surprised it lasted this long. The time had come for a new travel enclosure for the iPad.

Today, I grabbed an old pair of worn out jeans, some scissors and the sewing machine. The result is a nice new denim sleeve with flap for my little buddy to ride in. It’s not perfect—I sort of designed it on the fly—but it like the result. I was able to keep one of the back pockets as a place to hold cables and whatnot. I’d like to add a button closure to the pocket, but other than that, I’m pretty happy with my little craft project.

The pocket on my denim iPad sleeve

The new iPad sleeve