Theory and Practice

Iterating, Iterating, Iterating

I have been messing with the layout and design of, working little by little to improve the overall feeling of the site. I decided to take a “release early and often” approach, updating not just the code by the live site pretty much as soon as I made a new change. The result has been a relatively rapid evolution over the past few days.

The layout has undergone some tweaks to implement a responsive design that will work well across a range of devices and browser configurations. The design was already responsive to some extent, but after reading Ethan Marcotte’s handy Responsive Web Design, I decided that I could do more. on the iPhone

I still have some work to do, notably around adding media query polyfills to support older browsers. And I am not entirely happy with the two column layout presented at the widest screen sizes. in desktop Safari

I have also added some graphic design elements to the page. I wanted to keep the design simple, with minimal embellishment and a focus on the content, but the older text-on-white design felt like it need some accenting.

Take a look and see what you think. And if you get a chance, take a screenshot and send it to me. I am looking for some additional data on how the design holds up under a broad range of conditions, especially mobile and small screen devices. I am pretty happy with the results on the iPhone and iPad, but I’d love to see how it’s working on Android, Blackberry and other devices.